Privacy Statement

Updated: 25.4.2017

Privacy Security

Northern Art Photos -online store cares about sufficient security of privacy. All data handling (including all personal data and payment processing) is protected with strong encryption (SSL-sertificate). SSL-Sertificate provides a reasonable guarantee that one is communicating with precisely the website that one intended to communicate with (as opposed to an impostor), as well as ensuring that the contents of communications between the user and site cannot be read or forged by any third party. SSL-Secured connection starts with a secure "handshake", where user browser and server associates and creates automatically secure keys per connection for private communication. Those will be used only during the session for data encryption and handling. Besides of connection encryption, SSL-Sertificate guarantees that the data sent to or received from will be untouched by third parties. 

All our systems will be updated regularly and are protected by firewalls, password protections and physical burglar alarms. All updates will be installed as they're published.

Customers from HK Production online store:

Northern Art Photos online store is fully rebuilt version of HK Production online store. Server physical location, customers services, company and manufacturing are same. Just the name of the store and domain has been renamed. Customer register has been moved to this new store, so you can just login with your old credentials and enjoy loyalty bonuses and review your order history.


Customer data will not be used or sent to third parties for marketing purposes. Customer can sign for newsletter which will be sent maximum of few times a month. Our newsletter contains information, offers and announcements. You can unsubscribe newsletter at anytime.

Legal register statement

1. Register owner

Northern Art Photos  (additional name HK Production)
Business ID: 2153883-8
Address: Aallonkohina 8 lt. D, 02320 Espoo
Phone: 044 2399 856
E-Mail: shop(a)

2. Register administrator

Harri Kyllönen
puh. 044 2399 856

3. Register name

Northern Art Photos customer register

4. Register usage purpose

Will be used for customer contacting, handling and announcements

5. Register contains following data

Register contains following user data:
- Contact: name, address, E-mail, * business ID and phone. (* Only applicable for business customers, who have given that information.)
- Permission details: customer assent for newsletter reception.

6. Register source of information

Source of information is an account creation for online store and information collected during longer customer relationship. Register information will be updated during updates made my customer.

7. Register information transfer

When customer selects any other shipping method than store pick up, customer order shipping address and phone number will be passed with order details to product manufacturer(s). Manufacturer(s) uses those details to ship products to customer. Phone number is for Posti parcel and Matkahuolto parcels to allow faster announcement of parcel arrival.

Products Manufacturer Business ID
Premium canvas-prints, artiteq -hanging systems Artshop Finland Oy 2093601-7
Wallpapers, stickers, photo elements etc. large format prints Valmik Oy 2553657-3
Other photo and gift products Color-Kolmio Oy 0140082-3
Puzzles Palmulahti Oy 2406991-8

Our partners (product manufacturers) are bond by this register terms. Manufacturers do not use your data for any marketing purposes nor transfer that information forward. Manufacturers do not collect or archive your information.

8. Removing information from register

Information can be removed by customer request or during customer relationship ending. Also customer information can be removed if abusing our services.

9. Register protection

All personal details will be preserved confidentially. Register management and access to register is only for essential personels of Northern Art Photos. Access to hardware and software where the register is, has been protected with firewall against outside connections. Physically register is protected with password protection, camera surveillance and burglar alarm systems.