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Arti Teq Hanging System and accessories

With the Arti Teq hanging system, you can hang up pictures as stylishly and cleanly as a professional. The system adheres to the quality standards set by art galleries and museums. The system is comprised of hang rails, hanging threads and hooks. The system suits both private homes and public spaces. Well thought out details make attaching the system easy.

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We recommend installing rails on all the walls you intend to hang up pictures on in one go. When they are installed, you can easily switch the pictures around without drilling and filling holes in the walls.

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Handy details speed up and ease hanging up objects. The Arti Teq system contains everything you need to set it up and hang up pictures.

Load-bearing capacity:

  • Clic Rail hangrail – 20kg/m
  • Perlon hanging thread – 20kg
  • Ratchet hanging hook – 15kg
  • Mini-hook – 4kg

Before ordering, map out how much you need;

  • Hangrails (Shipped as 2m rails, which can be shortened with a hacksaw or circular saw as needed.)
  • Hanging threads (Measure the room's height and pick the appropriate thread length; 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m. The threads can be shortened as needed. The most common room height fit is 1.5m)
  • Hanging hooks (Small pictures can be hung on the same thread, one on top of the other. Big, wide pictures may need to be hung from both ends.)
  • Gable plugs (If the rail's end is left visible.)
  • Corner connector (If it's an inner corner, it might not be necessary.)

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