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Ulappakatu 1 G LT 20
02320 Espoo
Northern Art Photos

Call us:
044 2399 856

Arkisin 09-17, KE 10-18. Muina aikoina sopimuksen mukaan.

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Northern Art Photos, Ulappakatu 1 G LT 20, Espoo
p. 044 2399 856

Arrival instructions:

Arriving by car: Please drive via Tähystäjänkatu, turn right after the building. Store is about 50m from the building corner. You can see the store on the image below at the left wall. Store is number 20. You can load/unload your car on front of the door, but parking should be made on the official parking areas. On the building corner there is 4h parking area, along Ulappakatu and next to shopping mall Pikkulaiva there is 2h parking areas.

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