We make unique products to order. We can add text, graphics, logos etc. to them. See the examples bellow and contact us for more information.

All products include a quantity discount, meaning bulk orders have a noticeably cheaper unit price. Print products can be made to a tailored size, with the exception of puzzles, which have 7 choices of size.

All products can have your own text added to them, such as poems, well-wishes and, of course, logos. In this way, you can make nice gifts for your friends or promotional products for companies.

See product-specific information and a few examples bellow.


Canvas Prints

Canvas prints made to order, stretched on a stout, high-quality glulam frame or a more affordable wedge frame. Wedge frame size options are in 5cm increments and glulam frame size options are in 1cm increments. Wedge frames can be made to a maximum of 90cm and glulam frames can be made to even several meters. Please note, that for postage the maximum size is 175x60cm, freight shipping can handle significantly larger products.


Framed Pictures

Hundreds of picture choices and a wide variety of customization options. Our basic selection of frames has 25 options. We also have significantly more frame options, tell us your specifications and we’ll select the most appropriate frame. Pictures are a good choice of interior décor for companies, as they can be customized to match your corporate look; There are a wide variety of choices with frames and mounting boards.



Posters made to order with a wide variety of material options. We also make decals and have materials suitable for outdoor use.

Panorama Posters

We can also make massive panorama posters from our panorama pictures, see them here. Orders by email or phone. contact us.

Panorama pictures are in 3:1 aspect ratio, so if you want a 1 meter high poster, it will be 3 meters wide. The "Extra wide panoramas" -album has pictures of variable size, you can ask for the specific ratio of a picture or calculate it by dividing the picture’s width by its height. You can see a picture’s measurements by opening the image in the gallery and clicking “info” above the icons on the right-hand side. In the spot labeled “photo info” you can see its dimensions, for example 18687x3462. By diving, we find the aspect ratio to be ~5,4:1. We can therefore make a 5,4x1m panorama poster from it, even.



7 size options, can be produced from a single unit all the way up to tens of thousands of units. The smallest sizes (48 pieces or under) are also suitable for children.



We make many kinds of postcards, like 10x15, 10x30, 15x15. We also make folded cards, for example 10x30 folded in two or 10x45 folded in three.

In practice, we make cards fit for exactly the purpose you have in mind. From single units to tens of thousands. You can define the size, possible folding and possible envelopes. On the card’s background is an address line and possible text of your own.



Order unique magnets from small batches to even tens of thousands of units. Magnets are also made to order! Maximum size is 30x20cm and minimum size is 2x2cm. We can add your own graphics, text or logos.

Ready-made size: 7,4 x 5,2cm


Magnet Calendar

Customize a unique calendar, which has the whole year, week numbers and weekdays visible.

We can add your own graphics, text or logos. Important days can also be marked.