Spring-maisematapetit netistä

Custom made landscape Spring wallpapers

Beautiful landscape wallpaper custom tailor-made with dimensions you define!


  • Photo quality print
  • Wallpaper has a FSC-certificate (www.fsc.org). FSC-certified product manufacturer supports globally responsible forestry
  • Latex colours are safe and odourless choise for school or any public room. (GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified and Children and Schools Certified)
  • Waste sorting: energy waste pr paper recycling
  • Durability
    * interiors (no direct sunlight) even 20v 
    * Store windows (inside) non-laminated 3v. 
    * Fire grading: Euro classification EN 13501-1:2007-B-s2,d0
    * Enviroment certificates GreenGuard and :FSC

HP Wallpaper

  • Panels max. 65cm wide, are made equal width by wall size and panel quantity
  • Installation with 1cm overlap
  • Can be washed with damp cloth
  • Panels can be made even 130cm wide (Note! ask postal charges)
  • Matte surface wallpaper (water activated adhesive)
  • Easy to use material (handling, installation, clean removal)

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