Updated 26.4.2017

Cookie usage

Cookies are small files that will be saved on your web browser (ie. Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) and your computer. If your web browser is set to accept these, cookie will be saved on your internet browser, computer, hardrive, memory and is active at certain time. When the cookie exceeds that time, it will be automatically deleted from the correct place.

Small amount of information of last access to web server might be saved for future visits. Those details might be for example the information collected in your first visit. Therefore same information don't need to be collected again. That makes site usage easier and faster.

Northern Art Photos uses cookies to serve you with the best possible online experience, that is tailored for you. When you allow cookie usage, settings you do on our sites (site preferences for example) will be the same on your next visit. Northern Art Photos cannot identify visitors by these details. This process doesn't collect personal information.

What cookies are used in this website?

Shopping cart
Product listing preference
Products Viewed
If user is logged id or not
Session id
Language selection
Product comparison
Google Analytics

When logging in with your SOME-account, that SOME-service's cookies may be used.
- Twitter
- Facebook
- LinkedIn
- Google +
- Microsoft
- Paypal

You can define cookie usage and influence from your computer settings. You can also set it so accurate that you will be warned every time a cookie will be installed. You can also disable all cookies from your internet browser (you'll find instructions from your browser help for disabling cookies). Please note that this setting is per computer. If you use multiple computer, settings must be set for all computers separately.

Please note that disabling cookies may cause usage problems with our site.

External links

Northern Art Photos website may contain links to a third party websites. If you visit those websites, Northern Art Photos privacy statement is not valid there. Those websites have their own principles about online privacy. Northern Art Photos advices you to read their privacy statements before using their websites.

Modifications to this statement

Northern Art Photos reserves the right to change this statement if needed. We might need to update this statement in the future. It's adviced to check this page for modifications every now and then.

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